Handmade Ice Cream Tubs & Toppings


At Anderson’s Frozen Custard, not only do we offer pre-scooped sundaes, we also offer our handmade ice cream tubs to take home to your family! Looking to host your own ice cream social at home or at your corporate party or school event? Whether you’re catering to 50 guests with our premium Vanilla handmade ice cream tubs or those ice cream connoisseurs with our Graham Cracker Crunch, we have flavors from the traditional to the exclusive. Plus, because you can’t just serve ice cream, take home a quart of our strawberry, fudge, or peanut butter sauces and M&M, Reese’s Pieces, or Peanut Butter Cup candy toppings to really leave a smile on your guests’ faces. Browse our ice cream tub flavor selection and place your order online today for pickup at any of our Anderson’s Erie County locations.

*Weekend Orders: For Catering Orders needed on Saturdays & Sundays please order by 4:00 pm Friday; Or call your desired Anderson’s location of pick up directly to place your order!

Please Note: We are unable to process Coupons online. (If you have a coupon you will need to place your order in-store. One coupon per order.)

Award Winning Ice Cream By The Tub

Handmade Ice Cream by the Tub

  • We package everything and you scoop. Delivery available.
  • 2.5 gallon tubs.
  • Approximately 32-34 scoops per tub. Includes 34 dishes and spoons per tub ordered.

  • Topping Selections
  • Strawberries (15-20 servings / quart)
    Peanut Butter (25-30 servings / quart)
    Hot Fudge (25-30 servings / quart)
    Caramel (25-30 servings / quart)
    Cold Chocolate Syrup (30-35 servings / quart)
    Sprinkles (50-60 servings / quart)
    M&M’s (25-35 servings / quart)
    Reese’s Pieces (25-35 servings / quart)
    Spanish Nuts (25-35 servings / quart)
    Chopped Nuts (25-35 servings / quart)
    Whipped Cream (20-25 servings / can)

  • Freezer Rental Available

Traditional & Specialty Flavors

  • Traditional Handmade Hard Ice Cream
  • Chocolate

  • Specialty Handmade Hard Ice Cream
  • Strawberry
    Cookie Dough
    Mint Chocolate Chunk
    Kahlua Espresso Fudge
    Cotton Candy
    Cake Batter
    Black Cherry
    Watson’s Sponge Candy

Seasonal Flavors

  • Seasonal Handmade Hard Ice Cream
  • White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle
    Graham Cracker Crunch

  • Sherbet
  • Orange

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Yogurt, Plant Based & No Sugar Added

  • Handmade Hard Frozen Yogurt
  • Coffee Crunch Toffee
    Bavarian Chocolate Chunk
    Peanut Butter Chunk

  • Handmade No Sugar Added Ice Cream
  • Black Raspberry No Fat

  • Handmade Plant-Based Frozen Dessert
  • Chocolate Raspberry Chunk
    Coconut Fudge Chip

Event Catering Packages

Classic Sundae Fun Pack

Ice Cream Tubs/Toppings

Ready to Serve Sundae Bar

Pre-Scooped Ice Cream Dishes

Ice Cream Cakes & Pies

Party Food 2 Go

Boxed or Bagged Lunches

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