Shake It Up For Breast Cancer!

Shaking it up for Breast Cancer!

Carl & Greta Anderson were always giving people and had always instilled in us to support our community and our neighbors.  Over the years we have followed their lead and hosted and supported several fundraisers and events for sports teams, individuals with hardships, youth organizations, school events and more.  With our guests and teammates support we have been honored to help wherever we can.

One of our most well known fundraisers is our Camp Good Days & Special Times campaign every fall whereas we raffle off Buffalo Sabres Season tickets and sell our coupon books to benefit Camp Good Days & Special Times.  This camp assists kids and women with cancer as well as their families. We have been involved in fundraising for his fantastic organization for over 15 years. Little did I know that one day I would be affected by cancer and that Camp Good Days would be a resource to assist in my journey.

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015 caught me by surprise to say the least. WOW, who would have thought that all the years of working on the camp good days campaign would lead me to being a recipient of their amazing good works and deeds for those on this journey?  You never know do you?  While it is not a club you choose to be in, many find themselves enrolled without any desire to be a member.   Camp Good Days had many resources for me and even gave me the opportunity to enjoy a much needed night out at the Bruce Springsteen concert with my daughter! Each fall since my journey began, our Camp  Good Days Campaign has an even greater impact on me and of course has a special place in my heart!  My teammates and our guests are amazingly supportive!

Since my diagnosis I have been fortunate enough to find all kinds of groups that assisted in not just my journey but my neighbors and friends battles of breast cancer as well.  Hope Chest Buffalo offers exercise classes as well as lots of cheerleading to those afflicted with breast cancer.  For our Daughters is an organization that was created by a local women (Mercedes Holloway) who was diagnosed when she was just 28 years old.  Her organizations works to assist young women between the ages of 11-19 with living longer, healthier lives by taking the reigns on their health.  FOD also hosts a Gala each year and donates free tickets to breast cancer survivors! have also been fortunate to work on such a giving leadership team who supported me every step of my 2 year journey.

pink-themed frozen dessert drinks for breast cancer awarenessThe Anderson’s owners (Keith and Holly Anderson- 2nd generation….the children of Carl & Greta Anderson share the same passion and philanthropic spirit as their parents) didn’t hesitate to say yes to creating a breast cancer fundraiser in October  2017.  We actually have many teammates besides myself who have been affected by either breast cancer as well as all kinds of cancer.  We wanted to help! Thus our our “Shake it up for Breast Cancer” event began.   We offered a “Think Pink Shake”  (cinnamon oreo shake with whipped cream and a breast cancer ribbon candy) or any shake (regular or large) to our guests and donated 1.00 per each sold to: Hope Chest and For Our Daughters. With our guests support we donated over 2,000 to each organization in 2017!

think pink breast cancer fundraising milkshakeOur “Shake it up for Breast Cancer” event this year will take place again this year. It runs October 1-16 at all 6 Anderson’s locations.  Whether you prefer a pistachio, chocolate, loganberry, vanilla or our Think Pink Oreo Shake….your selection will help these two awesome organizations.

We sincerely appreciate your support of all our fundraisers!! Cheers to you and your friends and family who have been or are on this journey.  We hope we can increase our donations this year with your help.  So go ahead and check out all the flavors and know we are rooting for you!

Each sip will be helping someone on the cancer journey!

With Scooopfuls of Thanks,

Lisa Sorrentino

Anderson’s Marketing Director

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Here’s where Buffalonians-at-heart eat when they return home

Anderson’s Frozen Custard

Frozen custard cones being served in Buffalo NY


Considering the Anderson’s original Sheridan Drive location was started by a homesick Buffalonian, perhaps it makes sense it’s the frozen custard shop expats mentioned most often. Not just for the ice cream, either; Anderson’s beef on weck remains a beacon to many, like Susan Achramovitch.

“Anderson’s. Beef on weck, curly fries and loganberry,” she wrote. “Not gonna lie, chocolate custard, too!”

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A visit with Mike Randall & Greta Anderson!

Mike Randall visits with Greta Anderson while celebrating her milestone 100th birthday. Thank you to Mike and WKBW for featuring Greta and celebrating with us!

Mike Randall visits with Greta AndersonTOWN OF TONAWANDA, N.Y. (WKBW-TV) – Greta Anderson had a big birthday last month. She celebrated by making herself a cinnamon ice cream cone at the spot that bears the family name – Anderson’s Custard & Roast Beef.

Greta and her husband Carl opened their first ice cream stand in 1946 in the Bronx. But they soon left there and returned home to Western New York to a place on Kenmore Avenue, eventually relocating to Sheridan Drive in 1953.

Greta says there was plenty of hard work in the early days “it makes me tired thinking about it” and the original spot had slanted windows that they all kept hitting their heads on “we would hit our heads on that slant, it was terrible.”

Greta celebrated her 100th birthday last month. According to Betty, the manager of the Sheridan store-Greta still stops in for lunch and to do the weeding. Greta says she is “blessed”, no aches, no pains, no medicine, I am so thankful.

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Scoopfuls of Sleigh Bells and Holiday Gift Deals

Sleigh Bells Ring, are you listening? At Anderson’s, holiday gift deals are glistening!

Anderson's keepsake glass is the perfect holiday gift.

Are you searching for holiday gift deals? Let us help! New this year is Anderson’s Keepsake 16 oz Glass that features the iconic Sheridan Drive location circa 1950’s!  (Did you know? Sheridan Drive is actually our 3rd location! Learn more about Anderson’s history.)  Our new glasses can be purchased in our locations or shipped direct to you or your recipient.  You will also want to checkout our “I Stood in Line” T Shirts – perfect for the classic Anderson’s fan.  Gift Cards are available online at 10% off the entire month of December (and if you order before December 16 we will even ship them for FREE!)

Send the Tastes of Home with our Shipping Packages!

Anderson’s ships nationwide! Several packages to choose from including an all natural roast beef dinner with make your own kimmelwecks pack and an ice cream sundae buffet, cakes and more! When it comes to holiday gift deals for those loved ones across the country, send them a taste of home with Anderson’s!  Through December 10 you can save up to $10.00 on our most popular packages.

Later on we’ll conspire as we plan our holiday dinner party and sit by a fire….

Planning a holiday party? Anderson’s party packages are an annual tradition!

With the progress on the list it is time to plan the feasting!  We are proud to offer you our all natural roast beef and all natural turkey party platters, fresh sides and salads like mashed potatoes, bacon cheesy mashed potatoes, handmade broccoli salad and our handmade pasta loaded veggie salad!  Can’t you just envision the enjoyment and the ease of ordering?  Top off your ‘ho ho ho’ holiday with our handmade ice cream cakes and quarts! Peppermint Stick Fudge Ganache, Mint Fudge Ganache, Snowman décor ice cream cakes and Turtle ice cream pies await you.  Our holiday flavors for quarts and pints include our new Merry Mocha Mint, Peppermint Stick Fudge, Rum N Eggnog and Frosty Hot Chocolate.  Check out our Signature Frozen Custard Calendar to find where Peppermint Custard will be this month too.  Our Christmas elves will help to prepare savory and sweet treats all during the holiday season.

Half Price Cones While It Snows!

When it snows, ain’t it thrilling? It sure is because cones are Half Price at Anderson’s when the flakes are falling!

Anderson's offers gift cards valid on our frozen treats for the best holiday gift deal!At Anderson’s we are proud to be a part of your traditions the year through and feel very blessed to have you as our guests. In addition to all of our holiday gift deals, as usual we also honor half price custard and hard ice cream cones while it snows! Stop in for a break while searching for those holiday gift deals with your favorite friend to enjoy a sweet dessert between stops. We hope you and your loved ones enjoy the planning and celebrating this holiday season..  The lights, the candles, the laughter, the joy, the togetherness, may you enjoy all that it beholds.

A beautiful sight, ….with T-Shirts, Event Catering, Gift Cards and All Natural Roast Beef….  all will be happy tonight!


Breast Cancer Month-Think Pink Event through 10/15

Don’t forget that 1.00 from EVERY  Shake purchased now through 10/15 will be donated to Hope Chest and For our Daughters!

Try our Think Pink Cinnamon Oreo Shake decorated with hope and support or pick you favorite shake…. either way  you will be helping cheer on those affected.

We send our love and blessings to those fighting and to the survivors!

Keep on licking: Fall ice cream treats

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Pumpkin custard and ice cream at Anderson's Frozen Custard in Buffalo, NYWe cannot let go of summer, especially with the recent warm weather. And besides, we have to “bulk up” for the cold weather ahead. Here are some places taking advantage of the fall flavors.

Before Green Acres Ice Cream  (4357 Broadway, Depew) closes on Oct. 9, be sure to stop in for apple cider slushies, shakes and smoothies, pumpkin pie parfaits, pumpkin pie ice cream, warm apple cinnamon sundae.

New this year, Anderson’s Frozen Custard locations will serve the “Think Pink” shake for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The special cinnamon Oreo shake with whipped cream is decorated with a breast cancer pink ribbon. The event runs Oct. 1-15 and $1 from all shakes sold (not just the special shake) will go to support two local groups: For Our Daughters and Hope Chest. Shakes are $4.50.

For other seasonal ice cream, visit Anderson’s online “custard calendar” to see the dates locations are serving pumpkin custard. However if you are on a mission for pumpkin, you can be sure that the Williamsville (6075 Main St.) and Amherst (2369 Niagara Falls Blvd.) locations will have pumpkin custard throughout October. The month also ushers in a caramel pumpkin pecan sundae made with pumpkin ice cream, warm caramel sauce then chopped pecans at all locations. All stores also carry packed take home: pumpkin, caramel apple crisp and pumpkin cheesecake.

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Helping the Kids, Women & Families of Camp Good Days & Special Times

Fundraising for Camp Good Days and Special Times at Anderson's Frozen Custard in Buffalo, NYEach year at Anderson’s Frozen Custard, we are proud to support the children, women and families of Camp Good Days & Special Times. We are so thankful for the support of our guests and teammates each year to help all of the kids, women and families of Camp Good Days & Special Times over the last 19 years! If you have ever been to an Anderson’s location during this giving season, you will surely remember the shouts, cheers and smiles as our servers and managers collect donations for these special children and families.

Donate to Camp Good Days and receive a chance to win Buffalo Sabres Season Tickets at Anderson's Frozen Custard

Check out how you could win a Pair of Buffalo Sabres Season Tickets while helping the kids at Camp Good Days!

It is time again to come together to help our friends and neighbors who have been afflicted by cancer.  We are offering our guests the opportunity to Win a pair of Buffalo Sabres Season Tickets (100 level!!) for a donation to Camp.  Tickets are available at 1 for 1.00, 5 for 3.00 or 20 for 10.00!  All Erie County Locations are participating.  Winner of the tickets will be announced October 3.  Our goal is to support 17 kids!!    If you can help us to help the kids, please stop in between Sept 13-30!  To Find out more about the incredible opportunities and support at the Camp check out Camp Good Days & Special Times.






It’s Fall Ya’all!


Hey, the calendar might still call it summer but the weather is feeling fall-ish!  That can only mean one thing … or maybe 2 or 3 things….

Like Handmade Pumpkin, Caramel Apple Crisp or Pumpkin Cheesecake Ice Creams!! Oh yes, they are in the dip cabinets this week just waiting for you!

Also featured is Salty Caramel Pecan Pie, Brownies & Fudge and at our Main Street location they feature our Signature Frozen Custard in Pumpkin everyday during September.

Don’t forget to tantalize your taste buds with our Apple Tart Caramel Shakes and Apple Tart Caramel Sundaes!!

September is Childhood Cancer Month. Here at Anderson’s Erie County locations we are hosting our annual Camp Good Days Fundraiser from September 13-30.  With your donation you could win a Pair of Buffalo Sabres Season Tickets– 100 level!! Yes, 100 level!!!  Your 1.00 donation earns you one entry, 3.00 earns you 5 entries and 10.00 earns you 20 entries.  Winner will be drawn from all entries in early October.  We hope you will help us help the kids and women of Camp Good Days!

Fundraising! We know that with the school year starting many teams and organizations are looking for fundraising opportunities!  Check out our Fun!draising! Events Page and learn how your groups can earn 20% of Sales from your registered event night.  Dates are available in October, November, February & March!

Anderson's Spirit Nights

Looking forward to Serving you Scoops & Smiles,

Your Friends at Anderson’s


Stand in line at Anderson’s Frozen Custard – The Buffalo News 100 Things

Stand in line at Anderson's Frozen Custard this summer in Buffalo, NYWith the warm weather returning, so are the lines at Anderson’s Frozen Custard. Pictured is the location at 2235 Sheridan Dr. in the Town of Tonawanda was built in 1953. It’s the oldest of the seven locations in the area which makes it the sentimental favorite. (Sharon Cantillon/Buffalo News)
By Mary Kunz Goldman

Published Fri, May 19, 2017

Let us salute the festive lines of summer.

Lines for the Viper at Darien Lake, as you watch the train whirl and listen to the screams. Lines for a concert at Canalside, as you chat with your neighbors while waiting to get frisked. Those are just two summer lines we’ve encountered on our 100 Things journey. Lines don’t have to be a pain, like the line at the DMV. They can be gatherings, celebrations, parades.

Today brings us to the most colorful line of all, the line at Anderson’s Frozen Custard.

We mean the flagship Anderson’s, on Sheridan Drive. What history is here. Everything a Western New Yorker would want is within reach. Ted’s Hot Dogs is just about across the street. Duff’s, is just down a bit.

Anderson’s gets traffic every time of year. In winter, a sleepy afternoon might suddenly turn busy because it starts snowing, and when it is snowing, Anderson’s offers half-price cones.

But with the first tease of summer come the first real lines.

Folks flock here in flip-flops, sneakers, strollers, wheelchairs. On a recent warm evening a kid’s bike lay on the ground, just tossed there. Strangers talked and laughed. At the head of the line, one woman was ordering for her whole family, reading off a meticulous list.

Carl Rizzo was pulling up with his wife, Pam, in a ’76 Cadillac Coupe de Ville.

“It’s lemon ice for me,” he said.

Carley and Sarah Townsend, 19-year-old twins, had biked from North Buffalo.

“We’ll probably be here a lot this summer,” Carley said.

Janet Lopez, of Cheektowaga, usually gets the veggie sandwich. “It’s delicious,” she said. But tonight, she and her family were here for dessert.

“What is not to like about Anderson’s?” she marveled.

The sweet, salty, sticky saga of Anderson’s began in the 1940s. Carl Anderson, a lawyer who grew up in then-rural Amherst, had enlisted in the Navy when World War II broke out.

After the war, he and his Tonawanda wife, Greta, founded an ice cream shop in the Bronx. They ran it for a season, and it did well. But both wanted to return to the Buffalo area.

And they did. Initially, they set up shop on Kenmore Avenue and Claremont. A podiatrist’s office is there now.

“Within three years, they were busting at the seams, so they bought a lot on Sheridan Drive,” said Holly Anderson, one of Carl and Greta’s five children. It was around 1951 and took them a year to build.

In the ’60s, Anderson’s began offering its signature beef on weck. Roast beef wouldn’t tread on the turf of their friends at nearby Ted’s. The Andersons also were friends and occasional collaborators with the Perry family, of Perry’s Ice Cream.

Like Perry’s, Anderson’s is still family owned. Holly and her brother Keith are in charge now. Greta Anderson, now 99, keeps alert watch, continuing to enjoy the sweet smell of success.

The ice cream business evolves glacially. Experimentation is gentle. Holly Anderson laughs about that.

“It’s not the most creative thing, but vanilla is still the highest seller,” she said. “It’s such a rich flavor, both in soft serve and hard ice cream. A new flavor we have is Watson’s sponge candy. We partnered with Watson’s, put their sponge candy in ice cream. That’s gone wildfire.

“Chocolate vanilla twist outsells everything. Together the flavors are perfect,” she rhapsodized, her voice rising in her enthusiasm. “And we have our signature lemon ice. That was my dad’s signature recipe from New York City in the 1940s.”

The lines at Anderson’s move a bit faster now than they used to be.

“Back in the day, it wasn’t Anderson’s unless you were standing in line,” Holly Anderson said. “You had lines upon lines. For some reason, you didn’t mind it as much. Now, you have to be on your phone. You have to be occupied, doing something.”

That’s a pity. It’s much wiser to put the phone away. Live in the moment. Embrace the line at Anderson’s as part of the lazy pace of summer.

Soak up the nostalgia, from the battered bike rack — no doubt the original — to the sliding windows. Meditate on sweet quandaries. Soft serve or hard ice cream? Sundae or banana split? Chocolate or vanilla?

Finally, savor your treat.

On our recent visit, several folks were sitting on the back of a pickup truck, swinging their legs as they licked their cones. Tots spooned their soft-serve out of cups, taking their time so it turned into soup. May I recommend the frozen Greek yogurt? No calorie bargain, sure, but so rich, smooth and creamy.

There comes a time to indulge.

This is it.


For our Guests Immediate Attention



 Anderson’s Frozen Custard Inc., issues Allergy Alert on Undeclared Peanuts in Pumpkin Ice Cream Pies.

Anderson’s Frozen Custard Inc., is recalling its “Pumpkin Ice Cream Pies” because they may contain undeclared peanuts. People who have allergies to peanuts run the risk of serious or life threatening allergic reaction if they consume these products.

The Pumpkin Ice Cream Pies were distributed in Erie and Niagara counties, through Anderson’s Locations and through Oliver’s Chocolates in Batavia between September 15, 2016 through November 15, 2016. The product comes in a 9” clear dome plastic container. All lot numbers are included.

The recall was initiated after it was discovered that product containing peanuts was distributed in packaging that did not reveal the presence of peanuts.

Consumers who purchased Anderson’s Pumpkin Ice Cream Pies are urged to return them to any Anderson’s location for a full refund.

We thank our guests for their attention to this matter and for their patronage.  We are very sorry for this matter.

—————————————————————— Buffalo, NY 14221

Hometown Hungers: Best Frozen Custard Outside of Wisconsin

We are thankful for the Kudos from the Food Network this week! Our Frozen Custard is available all year round at our Buffalo, NY locations. Come on in and celebrate the first snowfall of the year with half price frozen custard cones (while it’s snowing!). At each of our locations, you may enjoy a Vanilla, Chocolate, classic Vanilla/Chocolate twist, or even try our speciality flavor Frozen Custard of the Day! Speciality Frozen Custard flavor favorites include Black Raspberry, Strawberry, Pumpkin, French Toast, Pistachio and more. Our frozen custard is gluten-free and available in both cones and dishes, in our handmade milkshakes, waffle cones, sundaes, and more.

Check out our mention on the Food Network’s list of “Best Frozen Custard Outside of Wisconsin”. We happen to think we’re pretty tasty, too!

Hometown Hungers: Best Frozen Custard Outside of Wisconsin


Anderson’s to celebrate 70 years with 70-cent cones

Anderson’s Frozen Custard will sell its small custard cones for 70 cents on Aug. 10 at all of its locations.

The special pricing is in celebration of the restaurant’s 70th anniversary. Frozen custard was the first product the company ever sold.

Read more at The Buffalo News >>

Anderson’s Frozen Custard goes Mobile! #WeckonWheels

Anderson's Frozen Custard goes Mobile! Check out our #WeckonWheels in The Buffalo News!

Anderson’s Frozen Custard has joined the food truck phenomenon and is taking its classic treats to the street.

The casual eatery known for its beef on weck and frozen custard started serving the community on a refurbished 2002 Bluebird Bus at the Galbani Italian Heritage Festival on July 14.

The truck also made an appearance in Island Park on Tuesday for Williamsville’s 7 Tuesdays in the Park.

The plan has been in the works since January, said Torsten Wildermuth, food truck manager. It’s open now that the truck has permits in Amherst and Tonawanda. The City of Buffalo permit is in progress, he said.

Anderson’s is a surprising spot for a Lenten meal!

BUFFALO, NY – — Fish fry season has swung into full gear, and while we would love nothing better than to go out every Friday for a fish fry (with beers, a waitress, et al), it’s just not possible.

It may be counterintuitive to eat at a place that’s famous for its roast beef, but we are telling you to do just that in the case of the iconic Anderson’s.

It works as a great alternative in a few ways — there are multiple locations with ample parking, reasonable prices and best of all, good quality.

Our visit to the Anderson’s in Cheektowaga focused on three items: A fish fry, fish and shrimp (both $10.99) and a salmon burger ($5.99). A fish sandwich is $5.99. An all-shrimp dinner (six) is $10.99; a side of shrimp (six) is $6.

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