Shaking it up for Breast Cancer!

Carl & Greta Anderson were always giving people and had always instilled in us to support our community and our neighbors.  Over the years we have followed their lead and hosted and supported several fundraisers and events for sports teams, individuals with hardships, youth organizations, school events and more.  With our guests and teammates support we have been honored to help wherever we can.

One of our most well known fundraisers is our Camp Good Days & Special Times campaign every fall whereas we raffle off Buffalo Sabres Season tickets and sell our coupon books to benefit Camp Good Days & Special Times.  This camp assists kids and women with cancer as well as their families. We have been involved in fundraising for his fantastic organization for over 15 years. Little did I know that one day I would be affected by cancer and that Camp Good Days would be a resource to assist in my journey.

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015 caught me by surprise to say the least. WOW, who would have thought that all the years of working on the camp good days campaign would lead me to being a recipient of their amazing good works and deeds for those on this journey?  You never know do you?  While it is not a club you choose to be in, many find themselves enrolled without any desire to be a member.   Camp Good Days had many resources for me and even gave me the opportunity to enjoy a much needed night out at the Bruce Springsteen concert with my daughter! Each fall since my journey began, our Camp  Good Days Campaign has an even greater impact on me and of course has a special place in my heart!  My teammates and our guests are amazingly supportive!

Since my diagnosis I have been fortunate enough to find all kinds of groups that assisted in not just my journey but my neighbors and friends battles of breast cancer as well.  Hope Chest Buffalo offers exercise classes as well as lots of cheerleading to those afflicted with breast cancer.  For our Daughters is an organization that was created by a local women (Mercedes Holloway) who was diagnosed when she was just 28 years old.  Her organizations works to assist young women between the ages of 11-19 with living longer, healthier lives by taking the reigns on their health.  FOD also hosts a Gala each year and donates free tickets to breast cancer survivors! have also been fortunate to work on such a giving leadership team who supported me every step of my 2 year journey.

pink-themed frozen dessert drinks for breast cancer awarenessThe Anderson’s owners (Keith and Holly Anderson- 2nd generation….the children of Carl & Greta Anderson share the same passion and philanthropic spirit as their parents) didn’t hesitate to say yes to creating a breast cancer fundraiser in October  2017.  We actually have many teammates besides myself who have been affected by either breast cancer as well as all kinds of cancer.  We wanted to help! Thus our our “Shake it up for Breast Cancer” event began.   We offered a “Think Pink Shake”  (cinnamon oreo shake with whipped cream and a breast cancer ribbon candy) or any shake (regular or large) to our guests and donated 1.00 per each sold to: Hope Chest and For Our Daughters. With our guests support we donated over 2,000 to each organization in 2017!

think pink breast cancer fundraising milkshakeOur “Shake it up for Breast Cancer” event this year will take place again this year. It runs October 1-16 at all 6 Anderson’s locations.  Whether you prefer a pistachio, chocolate, loganberry, vanilla or our Think Pink Oreo Shake….your selection will help these two awesome organizations.

We sincerely appreciate your support of all our fundraisers!! Cheers to you and your friends and family who have been or are on this journey.  We hope we can increase our donations this year with your help.  So go ahead and check out all the flavors and know we are rooting for you!

Each sip will be helping someone on the cancer journey!

With Scooopfuls of Thanks,

Lisa Sorrentino

Anderson’s Marketing Director

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