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Signature Frozen Custard

Our signature desserts begin with our frozen custard - a recipe originally created by Carl & Greta Anderson that has been handed down through the generations.  This rich and creamy product was first served in 1946 in the Bronx at our first stand!  Our signature frozen custard is rich with egg yolk and fine ingredients!  In the beginning, we would prepare our frozen custard "batch style" which means we prepare and store the custard in buckets and scoop & serve to order.

While many places across the U.S. serve their frozen custard in this style, Anderson's created their own niche of serving frozen custard.   With his entrepreneurial spirit, Mr. Anderson helped create a way to dispense his signature frozen custard right from a machine onto a cone!  Don't let the machine confuse you - our frozen custard is not "soft serve" - we serve our very own creamy, rich frozen custard. In conclusion, whether it's our smooth vanilla, rich chocolate, a twist or our special flavor of the day - you will not be disappointed! Looking for a particular frozen custard flavor of the day? Check out our flavor calendar.

Our base mixes do not contain any growth hormones and no high fructose corn syrup! Additionally, we have many gluten free options to choose from.

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The best ice cream in Buffalo, NY

After attending Ice Cream School (yes, we said ice cream school!) Nels Anderson (Greta & Carl's son), came back anxious to share all that he learned about creating a premium handcrafted product!  Our team of ice cream experts began making our own brand of ice cream back in 1990!  That team kept true to our founder, Carl Anderson's dedication to using the finest of ingredients while providing quality. Therefore, our ice cream specialists mix in each flavor's speciality ingredients & stir the fresh ice cream by hand. After that, it's right into the deep freezer until it is time to ship the product out to our locations.

Each of our locations receives a shipment of Buffalo's best handmade ice cream every week - as well as many restaurants & specialty shops across the region too! Did you know that we produce over 100 flavors throughout the year? Some of the most popular flavors include Chocolate Peanut Butter, Watson's Sponge Candy, White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle and Coffee Bean. Anderson's continued high quality products and services have also led to recognition such as Artvoice's 2015 Best Ice Cream in Buffalo award.


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