Carl and Greta Anderson owners of Buffalo's Best Ice Cream Shop About Anderson’s Frozen Custard

A favorite local food in Western New York, Anderson’s Frozen Custard shares in the rich history of the region. Carl and Greta Anderson opened the first Anderson’s Frozen Custard on White Plains Boulevard in Bronx, New York in 1946. Homesick for Buffalo, they returned to open another custard stand on Kenmore Avenue in 1947. The son and daughter of Swedish immigrants, Carl & Greta’s hard work and quality soon earned them a great reputation. This notoriety allowed them to replace their small custard stand with a larger one on Sheridan Drive in 1953. This original drive-in location still exists today.

In the mid 80’s, the tradition passed on to the next generation of Anderson’s.  Keith and Holly Anderson are at the helm today carrying on the tradition with our management and service team.

A favorite local food for the whole family

Favorite local food including roast beef, frozen custard and handmade ice cream.We carry the dedication to quality as was instilled by Carl & Greta. We serve our original two main products: all natural roast beef on weck & our signature frozen custard.   In the 1990’s we began producing our own handmade ice cream and hard frozen yogurts & sherbets.  We have also added some new twists to the traditional items and opted to offer a wider variety of menu items including healthier gluten free options.  We invite you to learn more about our offerings by checking out our full lunch and dinner menu. In addition, learn more about our on-site and pick-up catering services!

It is so fun to see families & friends celebrating and spending quality time together while sharing their favorite local food! It is truly an honor to serve our guests. We hope to see you soon at one of our 6 locations or at our #weckonwheels food truck rolling through the WNY community.  Anderson’s, …Taste the Tradition!