3 Ways to Fundraise!


Calling all fundraising School Groups (elementary, middle and high school) and area Youth Organizations:

If your organization is looking for a fundraising opportunity here is the scoop on FUNdraising at Anderson’s! During the months of October, November, February and March your organization can host a FUNdraising Night at your local Anderson’s and will earn 20% of the sales from purchases made by your supporting guests!

FUNdraising Nights take place on Monday’s or Wednesdays from October – November and February – March / 4:00PM – 8:00PM

How does it work?
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How Fundraising Works:

Submit Registration

  • Submit a Registration Request using official form:
  • See registration form (link to be released in later June annually) for exact dates of registration.
  • When we confirm your registration & date via email, you will be asked to provide a Certificate of Insurance at least 10 days prior to your event , otherwise your date will not be held.)

Get the Word Out!

  • Print out the official donation tickets (we will provide to you) and have your representatives hand them out to your neighbors, friends, family, and teachers and invite them to your registered Anderson’s FUNdraising Night. (In fact, give each person two donation tickets – 1 for dinner & 1 for dessert!)
  • Remind your guests to bring the donation tickets with them to the spirit night so we can ensure that you will earn 20% of the sale.
  • Have your team or group create posters advertising your event and post them around the community! Bring some of these flyers and posters to your Anderson’s location and we will hang them up the week prior to your date in the restaurant.
  • Tweet, post, email about your event!
  • The more you promote the event, the more funds you will earn!

Coordinate fundraising with volunteers

  • Volunteers act as a Greeter/Hostess at the door the night of the event.

    More ways to raise!

    • Scoop up more FUNds by selling Anderson’s Coupon Books during the event.
    • Anderson’s Coupon Books sell for $4.00 and you earn $3.00 per coupon book! We will supply what you need to host the selling of the coupon books on your night. Please note your participation of Coupon Books on your registration form.
    • NOTE: Any group can sell our Coupon Books any time of year regardless of participating in FUNdraising Nights.

    Guest Gift Giveaway!

    • Anderson’s will donate a $15.00 Gift Card to be won by one of your guests. (Donation tickets state for your guests to sign their name and phone number to be entered. Winner will be selected at random from all redeemed tickets at your event.)

    So what are you waiting for?

    Note: All Anderson’s in store menu items qualify except the purchase of Gift Cards and Catering.


    We are happy to assist with many local fundraising events such as Chinese Auctions, Theme Trays, Raffles, etc. Please review the following guidelines:

    • Donation requests should be put in writing on organizational letterhead and mailed to us at least 4-5 weeks in advance of your event. You may also submit your letterhead via our donation request form.
    • Donation Request Form
    • Be sure to include details of the event, anticipated attendance/participants as well as contact person’s name, address, email and telephone number.
    • If we are able to support your event with a product certificate we will notify you via the U.S. mail. Please note that we are unable to review late requests.

    Additional Opportunities:

    • Check out our Anderson’s Coupon Books! You earn $3.00 per book sold. Call you nearest Anderson’s to set up an account & to verify availability.
    • For those charitable groups interested in purchasing our handmade ice cream at our promotional rate, please call our Catering Coordinator at (716) 633-2302.

    Send Letter of Request to:
    Promotions Dept
    6075 Main Street
    Williamsville, NY 14221
    or Fax Your Letter of Request to (716) 633-2671.


    If your organization is looking for a unique fundraising campaign , look no further. The Anderson’s Fundraising Coupon Book is chock full of savings valid all year round. Each book is filled with over $70.00 worth of valuable coupons.

    In addition to your group’s fundraising profits, we offer incentives for individuals in your group: Free Cone or Lemon Ice Certificates (based on total books sold)! Please call ahead to arrange an account. Coupon Books include great savings certificates such as:

    • $3.00 off Ice Cream Cakes & Pies
    • $2.00 off 2 Cones
    • $4.00 off 2 Sandwiches
    • 20% off entire order
    *You earn $3.00 per book sold!

    Once you download and complete the Contract, call your local Anderson’s to arrange pick up of books.

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