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I Pledge for Ice Cream! July 4, 2017

We are proud to participate in the I Pledge for Ice Cream Campaign with several other ice cream shops across the U.S.!  Kids 12 years and younger who visit any of our Erie County stores July 4 can earn a free cone of our handmade ice cream or a signature frozen custard with their recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance!  That’s right, they simply show their spirit and say the pledge from memory and then they can pick out their favorite flavor for their free cone!  Check out the participating shops across America at

Stand in line at Anderson’s Frozen Custard – The Buffalo News 100 Things

Stand in line at Anderson's Frozen Custard this summer in Buffalo, NYWith the warm weather returning, so are the lines at Anderson’s Frozen Custard. Pictured is the location at 2235 Sheridan Dr. in the Town of Tonawanda was built in 1953. It’s the oldest of the seven locations in the area which makes it the sentimental favorite. (Sharon Cantillon/Buffalo News)
By Mary Kunz Goldman

Published Fri, May 19, 2017

Let us salute the festive lines of summer.

Lines for the Viper at Darien Lake, as you watch the train whirl and listen to the screams. Lines for a concert at Canalside, as you chat with your neighbors while waiting to get frisked. Those are just two summer lines we’ve encountered on our 100 Things journey. Lines don’t have to be a pain, like the line at the DMV. They can be gatherings, celebrations, parades.

Today brings us to the most colorful line of all, the line at Anderson’s Frozen Custard.

We mean the flagship Anderson’s, on Sheridan Drive. What history is here. Everything a Western New Yorker would want is within reach. Ted’s Hot Dogs is just about across the street. Duff’s, is just down a bit.

Anderson’s gets traffic every time of year. In winter, a sleepy afternoon might suddenly turn busy because it starts snowing, and when it is snowing, Anderson’s offers half-price cones.

But with the first tease of summer come the first real lines.

Folks flock here in flip-flops, sneakers, strollers, wheelchairs. On a recent warm evening a kid’s bike lay on the ground, just tossed there. Strangers talked and laughed. At the head of the line, one woman was ordering for her whole family, reading off a meticulous list.

Carl Rizzo was pulling up with his wife, Pam, in a ’76 Cadillac Coupe de Ville.

“It’s lemon ice for me,” he said.

Carley and Sarah Townsend, 19-year-old twins, had biked from North Buffalo.

“We’ll probably be here a lot this summer,” Carley said.

Janet Lopez, of Cheektowaga, usually gets the veggie sandwich. “It’s delicious,” she said. But tonight, she and her family were here for dessert.

“What is not to like about Anderson’s?” she marveled.

The sweet, salty, sticky saga of Anderson’s began in the 1940s. Carl Anderson, a lawyer who grew up in then-rural Amherst, had enlisted in the Navy when World War II broke out.

After the war, he and his Tonawanda wife, Greta, founded an ice cream shop in the Bronx. They ran it for a season, and it did well. But both wanted to return to the Buffalo area.

And they did. Initially, they set up shop on Kenmore Avenue and Claremont. A podiatrist’s office is there now.

“Within three years, they were busting at the seams, so they bought a lot on Sheridan Drive,” said Holly Anderson, one of Carl and Greta’s five children. It was around 1951 and took them a year to build.

In the ’60s, Anderson’s began offering its signature beef on weck. Roast beef wouldn’t tread on the turf of their friends at nearby Ted’s. The Andersons also were friends and occasional collaborators with the Perry family, of Perry’s Ice Cream.

Like Perry’s, Anderson’s is still family owned. Holly and her brother Keith are in charge now. Greta Anderson, now 99, keeps alert watch, continuing to enjoy the sweet smell of success.

The ice cream business evolves glacially. Experimentation is gentle. Holly Anderson laughs about that.

“It’s not the most creative thing, but vanilla is still the highest seller,” she said. “It’s such a rich flavor, both in soft serve and hard ice cream. A new flavor we have is Watson’s sponge candy. We partnered with Watson’s, put their sponge candy in ice cream. That’s gone wildfire.

“Chocolate vanilla twist outsells everything. Together the flavors are perfect,” she rhapsodized, her voice rising in her enthusiasm. “And we have our signature lemon ice. That was my dad’s signature recipe from New York City in the 1940s.”

The lines at Anderson’s move a bit faster now than they used to be.

“Back in the day, it wasn’t Anderson’s unless you were standing in line,” Holly Anderson said. “You had lines upon lines. For some reason, you didn’t mind it as much. Now, you have to be on your phone. You have to be occupied, doing something.”

That’s a pity. It’s much wiser to put the phone away. Live in the moment. Embrace the line at Anderson’s as part of the lazy pace of summer.

Soak up the nostalgia, from the battered bike rack — no doubt the original — to the sliding windows. Meditate on sweet quandaries. Soft serve or hard ice cream? Sundae or banana split? Chocolate or vanilla?

Finally, savor your treat.

On our recent visit, several folks were sitting on the back of a pickup truck, swinging their legs as they licked their cones. Tots spooned their soft-serve out of cups, taking their time so it turned into soup. May I recommend the frozen Greek yogurt? No calorie bargain, sure, but so rich, smooth and creamy.

There comes a time to indulge.

This is it.


On the Road Again #WeckonWheels – Food Truck

Ice Cream Truck #WeckonWheels

Ice Cream Truck in Buffalo, NY
Have you heard the birds chirping out there?  I think those are chirps of excitement that Anderson’s Ice Cream Truck will soon be on the road.  Yes, #weckonwheels is getting dusted off and prepped for a full season of serving you on the streets of WNY – not just ice cream, but our all natural Roast Beef too!  Come on out to enjoy our all natural roast beef on weck slathered with horseradish or  cheddar sauce then top off your meal with a handmade ice cream shake, hot fudge sundae or cone.  Oh! A hot fudge sundae with our handmade ice cream, what will you choose for your flavor? Vanilla, Kahlua Espresso, Cookie Dough, Mint Chunk….. such a hard decision!  (We hope that is the hardest decision of your day!)

Check out our Calendar of Food Truck appearances and Book our #weckonwheels truck by clicking here.

Follow us on our Instagram page #weckonwheels for all the exciting news and scoopfuls of ways to win truck only prizes!!

Greta Andersons with the Anderson's Ice Cream Truck in Buffalo, NY



Happy Birthday Greta Anderson!

Happy Birthday Greta Anderson! This Thursday, February 9 our sweet founder Greta Anderson turns 99!!Happy Birthday Greta Anderson of Anderson's Frozen Custard in Buffalo, NY

We hope you will tune in to the live Facebook broadcast at 11:00 am and connect with her as she takes over our page.

Get your question ready to submit on to our Facebook page!

Get your cheers ready too so you can chant your birthday wishes for this lovely birthday girl. On Thursday, February 9th, Anderson’s will be offering a free slice of our handmade ice cream cake in honor of Greta’s 99th birthday! There’s just one catch: be prepared to sing happy birthday to our sweet guest of honor to claim your free slice of handmade ice cream cake!

Happy Birthday Greta Anderson – About Greta Anderson, creator of Anderson’s Frozen Custard in Buffalo, NY

Carl and Greta Anderson opened the first Anderson’s Frozen Custard in the Bronx, New York in 1946. The pair became homesick for Buffalo and later opened their second custard stand on Kenmore Avenue in 1947. Known for their quality ingredients and hard work, the Anderson’s reputation in the community led to great success and a third, larger custard stand that remains today on Sheridan Drive in Buffalo, NY opened in 1953. The Sheridan Drive location has been remodeled over time, with many of the same elements including their iconic Anderson’s sign remaining even today.

In the mid-80’s, son and daughter Keith and Holly Anderson took over the family business that spawned 6 Erie County locations and a franchise location in Lockport, NY. The brother and sister of original owner’s Carl and Greta Anderson continue to run the family business today together with their team of store managers and service members across all 6 locations.

Anderson’s Frozen Custard is famous for our all-natural Roast Beef on Weck, Signature Frozen Custard and Handmade Hard Ice Cream. Today, the Anderson’s menu has grown to include handmade ice cream cakes, comfort foods such as macaroni & cheese and mashed potatoes, and specialty handmade ice creams like Graham Cracker Crunch, Watson’s Sponge Candy, and so much more!





Beef-a-Love: All Natural Beef on Weck Sale

Anderson’s All Natural Beef on Weck Sale: Can you feel the Beef-a-Love tonight?  The Anderson’s All Natural Roast Beef a Love that is!

Stop in any of our Erie County locations during January and take advantage of our all natural roast beef on weck sale – just $3.99 for a regular and $4.99 for a Carl’s Choice. We are proud to slice you your all natural roast beef upon your visit and prepare it just how YOU like it!  Will it be a kimmelweck roll (baked in store!), or a sesame or whole grain roll?  How about that horseradish?  For the daring, enjoy our Bistro Line of Roast Beef sandwiches such as a Greek with feta, onion and lettuce smothered in Greek dressing or a Mexicana complete with hot pepper cheese, guacamole, red onion, lettuce, salsa and Chipotle sauce?  Or the ever popular Italiano all natural roast beef with peppers and onions and melted provolone!  It’s a fiesta for your tastebuds!

Don’t forget during January and February you can save 25% on your dessert with your same day meal purchase receipt!  It’s our annual “Sweet Treat Receipt Event!”  So after that all natural roast beef on weck sale you can top your meal off with one of our handmade ice creams like Watson’s Sponge Candy, Frosty Hot Chocolate or Kahlua Espresso Fudge.  For those traditional tastes enjoy a Chocolate Vanilla Twist Frozen Custard or the Special frozen Custard of the Day.

Cheers to you, our loyal guests!  We appreciate your Scoopfuls of Beef-A-Love!

January & February Special!

January & February Special!

Beef on Weck Sale in January

January Special!!

Gift Ideas & Scoopfuls of Holiday Spirit!

Holiday Gift Ideas in Buffalo, NY

We have holiday gift ideas for the whole family. At Anderson’s we are filled with joy and blessings as we prepare to celebrate the Christmas Season 2016 and we know it can be a pretty crazy time of year.

The holiday shopping, the parties, lists, preparations…. excitement, family time and the glory of celebration.

If you are still looking for the Gift that fits just right….how about an Anderson’s Gift Card?  Purchase them online now through Dec 16 and save 10% off and get free shipping!  Or stop by one of our  locations and with every $20.00 purchase of Gift Cards, select one free gift:  $5.00 bonus gift card, 2 free ice cream cone tokens, 1 free pint of frozen custard.

Holiday Gift Ideas & Apparel in Buffalo, NY

Have relatives out of town? Check out our Nationwide Shipping of our All Natural Roast Beef, Handmade Ice Cream and Signature Frozen Custard.  Lots of packages for all kinds of delicious memories of home.

Holiday gift ideas such as comfort food mail order in Buffalo, NY and nationwide.

Ok, gifts are set…. now on to  the Party Food! We have you covered there too!  From main course entrees like all  natural roast beef sandwiches, baked chicken, all natural turkey to fresh sides like asiago salad or hot sides like mac and cheese and cheesy bacon mashed potatoes.  Our handmade ice cream will be just the right way to top off your meal.  From quarts of our seasonal favorites like rum and eggnog, peppermint stick fudge, rum raisin to traditional vanilla & chocolate twist frozen custard! Oh my ganache!  We almost forgot to mention our peppermint stick fudge ganache cake and peppermint stick fudge ice cream pie and winter wonder ice cream cake…… ooooh what a deliciously cool way to end your celebration.

Anderson’s Frozen Custard now offers online ordering for event catering! From fresh party food to go, hot or cold group meals ready to serve, ice cream cakes and pies to full service setup, serve and cleanup – Anderson’s has an event catering option to fit your size and budget. Call our catering department today to discuss your options: 716-633-2302


From our Family to yours,

We send you Scoopfuls of Blessings

as you celebrate the Season!


Event catering, party food & more holiday gift ideas in Buffalo, NY

For our Guests Immediate Attention



 Anderson’s Frozen Custard Inc., issues Allergy Alert on Undeclared Peanuts in Pumpkin Ice Cream Pies.

Anderson’s Frozen Custard Inc., is recalling its “Pumpkin Ice Cream Pies” because they may contain undeclared peanuts. People who have allergies to peanuts run the risk of serious or life threatening allergic reaction if they consume these products.

The Pumpkin Ice Cream Pies were distributed in Erie and Niagara counties, through Anderson’s Locations and through Oliver’s Chocolates in Batavia between September 15, 2016 through November 15, 2016. The product comes in a 9” clear dome plastic container. All lot numbers are included.

The recall was initiated after it was discovered that product containing peanuts was distributed in packaging that did not reveal the presence of peanuts.

Consumers who purchased Anderson’s Pumpkin Ice Cream Pies are urged to return them to any Anderson’s location for a full refund.

We thank our guests for their attention to this matter and for their patronage.  We are very sorry for this matter.

—————————————————————— Buffalo, NY 14221

Giving & Creating Smiles to the Kids in WNY

Giving & Creating Smiles!Michaela Organizes Toy Drive

This is our Mission each day at Anderson’s.  We are proud of our teammates who are committed to serving our guests by that mission when they are at work.  We also have been honored to work with  many teammates who choose to exemplify this mission in their daily lives, outside of Anderson’s.

One such Mission Maker is Michaela Kowalick, an alumni Guest Server from our West Amherst store. In 2007 she singlehandedly started a Toy Drive in her neighborhood for the Christmas holiday. She couldn’t envision what it would be like to have a child wake up on the holiday and not have a new toy to open and enjoy.  She created flyers, knocked on doors and rallied friends, family and neighbors to support her mission.  The toy drive has become an annual project and has over the last 6 years, donated hundreds of toys to Women’s  & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo, Haven House, & St Christopher’s Outreach, Tonawanda.

This is our 4th year partnering with Michaela in the Toy Drive which will benefit area children via the Western New York Heroes program.  The mission of the WNY Heroes is to provide veterans, members of the armed services, and widows & children of deceased veterans with access to essential services, resources and support.  In the last 4 years, our awesome guests have donated over  2400 toys to the kids!!

We are asking you, our guest to please help us again this year in Giving & Creating Smiles to these WNY children this holiday  season.      Please consider donating a new, unwrapped Toy appropriate for ages 12 and under.         

 It will be our pleasure to give to you a Dessert Dollar certificate as a thank you for donating a toy.  

Toys will be collected at our 6 Erie County Anderson’s locations Nov 12 thru December 8.


 picture shown:  Michaela and the hundreds of Toys being delivered to WNY Heroes Founder Chris Krieger


Hometown Hungers: Best Frozen Custard Outside of Wisconsin

We are thankful for the Kudos from the Food Network this week! Our Frozen Custard is available all year round at our Buffalo, NY locations. Come on in and celebrate the first snowfall of the year with half price frozen custard cones (while it’s snowing!). At each of our locations, you may enjoy a Vanilla, Chocolate, classic Vanilla/Chocolate twist, or even try our speciality flavor Frozen Custard of the Day! Speciality Frozen Custard flavor favorites include Black Raspberry, Strawberry, Pumpkin, French Toast, Pistachio and more. Our frozen custard is gluten-free and available in both cones and dishes, in our handmade milkshakes, waffle cones, sundaes, and more.

Check out our mention on the Food Network’s list of “Best Frozen Custard Outside of Wisconsin”. We happen to think we’re pretty tasty, too!

Hometown Hungers: Best Frozen Custard Outside of Wisconsin